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2021 xHamster Advent Calendar is ON!

Ho, ho, ho xHamster people!

It's our favorite time of year again: XXXmas! As always, we're happy to present you with the annual xHamster Advent Calendar with special deals, virtual gifts, and video greeting cards from some of our community's hottest stars. Starting the first day of December, enjoy 24 days of … Lees meer

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Night Mode Arrives on xHamster Mobile

Hi xHamster! We’ve got news! Night mode is now available on xHamster mobile. Even though night mode has always been available on the desktop version of our platform, we now have expanded the feature to be universally accessible across the site. Starting immediately, we have updated our platform’s mobile site to include the ni … Lees meer

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xHamster welcomes Eva Elfie

We can barely contain any of our excitement!

We are excited to welcome the world-famous bombshell Eva Elfie to the xHamster.com platform!

Eva is a critically acclaimed adult performer and has a HUGE global reach.
She's been nominated and won several adult industry awards for her performances and is consid … Lees meer

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New Recommendations on xHamster!

You asked – we delivered! Welcome to the new recommendations section on xHamster. Carefully selected content catered especially for you – based only on your own preferences.
Made with love for you and powered by the xHamster AI algorithm.
What’s new?
Porn radar: all the newest hottest porn videos you’ll definitely love. xHamster’s Porn Radar provides you with a bunch of the latest porn videos you’ll be binge-watching for sure.
Lees meer

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New languages added!

xHamster is always working hard to make your user experience better.

Speaking your language is a huge part of it, because we want to be closer to you and cater to your local kinks.

So today we’re excited to announce that xHamster added Czech and Swedish to its range, which makes us now available in 12 languages!

Here’s a call for all the Czech and Swedish speaking people! Please test xHamster, surf it and let us know if we did our job right and if the translation into your local language is correct and natural. Every feedback matters, so please, share away!

Email us at [email protected]Lees meer

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Happy Birthday, xHamster!

This April xHamster celebrates its birthday. Back in 2007, we created a social platform for adult like-minded people to share their kinks and discover what makes them truly happy.

No matter when you joined our community, we'd like to thank you for being part of it. We are always growing and changing, and whether you are a creator or a fan, rest assured that we are working every day to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Thank you for being part of xHamster! Happy birthday to all of us!

xHamster team … Lees meer

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March Women Power Contest!

March contest is all about women*.

Our graceful, strong, brilliant, creative, hot and sexy women.

The rules are super easy, and you get to win up to $500! … Lees meer

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Join xHamster V-Day Contest

These days we're all feeling isolated, if not lonely. And yet, the great news is that we have porn - it helps us believe we haven't been abandoned, and there are others out there!

On the day of all lovers, we want to spoil our fab users with the genre everyone finds extremely hot and romantic, reminding everybody they are not alone. … Lees meer

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2020 xHamster Christmas Сontest Winners!

Panties off! Let’s welcome our winners of the xHamster XMAS winter competition! … Lees meer

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Happy Holidays!

Dear xHamster Family,

As 2020 is about to wind down (FINALLY, HAH?), we want to take this opportunity and THANK YOU.Lees meer

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2020 xHamster Christmas Сontest has STARTED!

Hey dears!

Right about time to announce that 2020 xHamster Christmas Contest has officially started just NOW and will last till Dec 31st! … Lees meer

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2020 xHamster Christmas Сontest is coming!

Ho-ho-ho, xHamster family!

Winter is coming! We can hear Christmas jingles and lovely pine-like smells with hints of citrus.

Right about time to announce another contest to please your fans and indulge yourselves!

xHamster Christmas Contest is coming next week and will last till Dec 31st! … Lees meer

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xHamster Profiles: JollaPR

Mark Stones and Jolla started producing their own content just a few years ago as JollaPR, and their fame quickly skyrocketed. The real-life couple not only produces incredibly real, incredibly hot scenes, they produce incredibly well-shot scenes. … Lees meer

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Exclusive pornstar cam show with Gina Gerson

Let's get wild together with Gina!

Mark the date! On November 22, Gina Gerson will be hosting an enticing live cam show on xHamsterLive. … Lees meer

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2020 XHamster Creators Halloween Contest: results

It took us quite a while to choose a winner of our recent xHamster Halloween contest.
Kudos to all who submitted their works and talents - you were super spooky hot!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our one and only Trish Collins who won $1000 and a monthly promotion on xHamster social media. … Lees meer

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2020 xHamster Halloween Contest: results

Here’s to all our creative people out there!

Thank you for taking part in our Halloween contest and submitting your wildest erotic fantasies and sharing your kinks. (Oh boy, do we love them!) … Lees meer

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The Porn Vote

With less than a week to go to the US election, politicians might just be interested in a surprisingly engaged audience — porn viewers. Last week, we surveyed over 6,000 US porn visitors, asking them about their intention to vote.

Here’s what we found:

Porn Voters Are Very Engaged Politically

A stunning 88% of all site visitors eligible to vote say either have voted or they plan to vote in the upcoming US election, outpacing the general population by nearly 33 percentage points!

They’re evenly split politically, with 24% of visitors identifying as conservative, and 25% identifying … Lees meer

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xHamster Creators Halloween Contest!

Hey dears!

2020 is certainly a year to remember. It has drastically re-shaped our life, from total reinvention and up to going virtual for living.

Have you picked up your Halloween costume yet? We want to know how you’ll be petrifying your fans this year! All the nightmares we’ve experienced give us plenty to pick for our 2020 Halloween outfit! … Lees meer

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BOO! xHamster Halloween Contest is COMING!

Are you having spooky sexy dreams? What’s your scariest fantasy?

Ever dreamt of seeing your wildest kinks come true?

2020 xHamster Halloween is officially on — and it’s as crazy as 2020! … Lees meer

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Make money from your cam shows

Hello gorgeous!

Do you want to earn money doing what you love while staying home? We’ve got something for you.

We continue our story about making money on xHamster Content Creators Program: if you want to cam, there is xHamsterLive. All you need to join the program, activate the xHamsterLive feature and start streaming.

Join xHamsterLive now and get:

- Super Boost Bonus: your stream will be raised to the top
- Monthly competitions with $ 24,000 prize fun … Lees meer

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